ORA Collection a full range of tableware in a resilient high-alumina ceramic body, vitreous stoneware and sustainable Acacia woodware. ORA is available in an elegant creamy white body with a high sheen metal marking resistant glaze and also in a range of coloured stoneware reflecting the demand for a more rustic individual style in the current catering and hospitality market. Each of the coloured glaze ranges take their names from beaches around the world. The Acacia woodware shapes echo the organic feel of the collection and work well as stand alone pieces or in conjunction with the ceramic pieces to present a stylish tabletop setting at home in any establishment.

Soup/Cereal/Small Noodle Bowl 55cl/18.6oz


Rim Soup/Pasta Bowl


Pasta Bowl Small


Large Noodle Bowl/Serving Bowl 180cl/60.9oz


Individual Salad Bowl 80cl/27.1oz


Serving Bowl 210cl/71oz


Dip Bowl 15cl/5.1oz


Dinner Bowl